Monday, June 28, 2010

Pass It On Learning Center

Welcome to the Pass It On Learning Center!

We offer a dynamic year round morning Preschool program, and an exciting full day childcare program, for children ages 1 – 5yrs. The Learning Center serves a limited number of families, ensuring that your child will receive quality, individualized experiences in an environment reflective of their interests and capabilities. The average age of children in our program ranges from 16 mos. - 4 yrs. We welcome program inquiries year round, and will try to accommodate all schedule types. The Pass It On Learning Center is committed to providing children with fun, authentic, meaningful experiences that encourage children to be actively and openly involved in their world.

Monthly calendars will provide a summary of the target concepts we will be exploring each week. While these concepts are pre-planned, the majority of the activities that revolve around these concepts are not, and a variety of themes are instead allowed to naturally emerge based on the interests of each child. We incorporate 8 core areas of concentration into our themes and activities to include: Gross Motor Skills, Creative Arts, Dramatic Play, Social Skills, Science, Fine Motor Skills, Math and Zoo Phonics based Language Arts. We also explore concepts and ideas revolving around self-awareness, family and friends, and introducing basic multicultural and multigenerational themes.

Other fun experiences and opportunities include basic sign language, baking, musical instrument exploration, neighborhood adventures, guest visitors, and lots of FREE PLAY – the most important task of all!

The Learning Center ensures a truly engaging program that helps children make connections across the curriculum and build on experiences while supporting children in celebrating diversity and exploring stereotypes, and encouraging them to be themselves in a joyful, positive manner.

We know you and your family will find the Pass It On Learning Center to be a special part of your child's early years, filled with wonderful opportunities to learn and grow in a fun and nurturing environment! Please contact us at (406) 546-8209 with inquiries. Thank you!

Pass It On Learning Center is a division of Pass It On, LLC.

About Us!

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